Vegetarian Food Market Growing Quickly

Carnivores beware: the vegetarian food market is expanding with new departments in traditional stores and even an all-vegan supermarket. News anchor Judith Kolenburg reports on the trend. Chef Berry Pronk tastes and tests some of the private label vegetarian foods that are now available. Edgar Elzerman looks at how bricks-and-mortar retailers are using creativity and innovation to combat ecommerce while Pascal Kuipers  introduces us to the new buzzword “Blockchains”, which is suddenly being hailed as the next chapter in computer technology.  Click Here for Video.

The Impact of Amazon's Purchase of Whole Foods

Judith Kolenburg looks at Amazon’s takeover of Whole Foods and the implications for retailing in Europe.

Safety of Europe’s Food Supply

Pascal Kuipers turns his attention to food fraud and two EU projects designed to find violators and stop them.

New Kind of Store

Chef Berry Pronk visited Marqt, a store that specializes in fresh, fresh, fresh and taste tested some of the products.

Retailing in India

Edgar Elzerman aims the spotlight on retailing and private label in India as it becomes the world’s third largest economy by 2025.

Wines Take the Lead

Private label wines sold at supermarkets across Europe might be the fastest growing private label category. Judith Kolenburg reports.

Trend to Eliminate Ingredients is Growing

Gluten-free, GMO-free, lactose-free, sugar-free? Judith Kolenburg examines the facts behind this trend and what retailers are doing to respond.