What to Expect for 2021

The corona pandemic has turned 2020 into an unprecedented year. But, what is on consumers’ minds and what can we expect for retailers and manufacturers next year? Join our reporters while they dive into 2021 and its opportunities for private label. Judith Kolenburg reports on the new convenience, while Hans Kraak focuses on consumers’ increased attention to health and wellness. Meanwhile, Pascal Kuipers offers insights on consumer confidence and attention to value. Click here to download video.

We Are What We Eat

Eating healthier is no longer just a trend but a necessity in the mind of today’s consumer. Shoppers are willing to pay more for healthier products but can be sometimes confused by what is available. Host Edgar Elzerman discusses with Emma Coles, Co-Founder and Partner of Food Smart Advisors, how retailers and suppliers can make a difference in the search for a healthier lifestyle. Available in English only. Click here to download video.

Non-Traditional Advent Calendars are on Trend

The market for Advent calendars continues to evolve as consumers search for unique ways to indulge before the holidays. It’s also an opportunity for retailers to allow their shoppers to discover and experiment with their private label. Chef Berry Pronk explains how German retailer dm-drogerie markt is capitalizing on this trend. Available in English only. Click here to download video.