Retailers are Reinventing Packaging Through Their Private Label

Private label package design has evolved into one of the most persuasive tools to increase sales. From innovative designs to convenient package materials, retailers are using packaging to be more relevant to today’s shopper. News anchor Judith Kolenburg offers an update on the latest packaging trends and retailers leading the way. Meanwhile, Pascal Kuipers reports on Lidl’s online ambitions and Hans Kraak offers insights on a new trend, Mood Foods, which may lead to many new opportunities for private label. Click here to download video.

The Ever-Growing World of Pets

Private label food products have been making many headlines recently. But another category has had an explosive growth for the last decade and shows no signs of slowing down: pets.  What are the trends impacting this market and where are the opportunities? Host Edgar Elzerman talks with Paul van der Raad, former CEO of Vital Petfood Group, about this expanding category and its challenges. Available in English only. Click here to download video.

Merry Vegan Christmas !

When it comes to Christmas food, most of us think of turkey, or perhaps fish if you follow Portuguese traditions, or foie gras if you’re from France. Yet for the growing number of people embracing veganism, new traditions are being adopted. Join chef Berry Pronk as he tastes some of the most delightful Christmas products available in supermarkets. Available in English only. Click here to download video.