Tech Giants Want a Piece of the Retail Pie

Tech giants like Microsoft and Google are increasingly partnering their way into the grocery business. What is driving retailers to seek their expertise? News anchor Judith Kolenburg reports on these new type of alliances while co-anchor Edgar Elzerman tackles the concept of O-2-O and what it means for retailing in Europe. Meanwhile, commentator Pascal Kuipers reveals how “wonky” could well be the new normal in supermarkets’ produce. Click here for video.

The Spotlight is on Tesco and Carrefour

Tesco and Carrefour have put aside past rivalries and announced that they are teaming up to buy products for their 19,000 stores. Edgar Elzerman reports.

What’s on Manufacturers’ Minds?

Judith Kolenburg analyzes the results of an exclusive PLMA survey that gives insight into what manufacturers think about the dramatic changes taking place in the marketplace.

Plastic: Is there a Solution?

Pascal Kuipers focuses on solutions to the controversy around plastic use in consumer goods and packaging.

Private Label Wine Building Retail Traffic

Almost everyone loves wine and now retailers are using it as a traffic builder in their stores. Judith Kolenburg has details.

The Retail Battle in the East

Judith Kolenburg reports on the ongoing battle in China's retailing world with huge worldwide implications for both bricks-and-mortar and online.

Amazon’s Private Label Push

Edgar Elzerman compares Amazon’s success in the U.S. and its plans for expansion in Europe. And it seems poised to use its own private label brands to achieve success.