EU and Brexit: What To Look For

A new year has begun. News anchor Judith Kolenburg checks Brussels to find out what EU is planning for the year ahead while Edgar Elzerman analyzes the growing popularity of smaller formats and neighborhood stores. Meanwhile, Pascal Kuipers explores the new marketing concept called the “replenishment economy” and how it might affect traditional marketing of A-brands and private label. Chef Berry Pronk uses his tasting and testing powers to look at private label products for kids. Click Here for Video.

Looking into the Crystal Ball

Judith Kolenburg helps you look into the future as she tracks Mintel’s 2018 consumer trends.

In-Store Vs. Online Competition

Pascal Kuipers reviews the daily issues some retailers need to correct if they want to succeed against online competitors.

Are Millennials Changing the World?

What is the truth behind Millennials? And how do they compare in Europe and the U.S.? Edgar Elzerman reports. 

Profit in Luxury Private Label

Judith Kolenburg looks at luxury private label retailers. Life on the fast track is apparently getting more and more profitable.

The Ahold-Delhaize Merger: One Year Later

Ahold and Delhaize surprised their competitors in July 2016 when they decided to merge their companies. Edgar Elzerman evaluates the merger one year after.

“Blockchains”: the New Buzzword

Pascal Kuipers  introduces us to the new buzzword “Blockchains”, which is suddenly being hailed as the next chapter in computer technology.