Best of the Best for Summer Viewing

Summer is a time to relax. But if you want to combine business with pleasure, PLMA can help. Here is one of PLMALive's recent video reports "Supermarket of the Future". So, get your tablet, smartphone, or laptop and enjoy. News anchor Judith Kolenburg is on hand to guide you.  Click Here for Video

New Food Products at PLMA's Trade Show

Chef Berry Pronk went stand-by-stand during PLMA’s 2017 International Trade Show to find new food ideas.

PLMA’s International Show Goes Green

Pascal Kuipers checked home and health exhibitors at PLMA’s 2017 International show to see who is taking environmental issues seriously.

Wines Take the Lead

Private label wines sold at supermarkets across Europe might be the fastest growing private label category. Judith Kolenburg reports.

A New Chef in the Kitchen

Pascal Kuipers reveals IBM’s Watson with artificial intelligence that could change the way men and women cook.

Trend to Eliminate Ingredients is Growing

Gluten-free, GMO-free, lactose-free, sugar-free? Judith Kolenburg examines the facts behind this trend and what retailers are doing to respond.

Top 10 Global Retailers' Performance

Edgar Elzerman looks at several troubled retailers who have found light at the end of tunnel by using new and old techniques.