Big Data, Big Challenge

What you do. Who you are. It’s Big Data and retailers are integrating the growing amount of consumer information they receive in their commercial strategy. Join news anchor Judith Kolenburg as she offers insight into what some supermarket chains are doing and the challenges that lay ahead. Meanwhile Pascal Kuipers takes a look at Too Good To Go, a new app that is tackling food waste and Hans Kraak reports on tried-and-true technique to attract consumers: sensory marketing. Click here to download video.

The Russian Supermarket Is Reinventing Itself

Grocery shopping in Russia is undergoing a significant transition to modern practices and retailers are seeing tremendous potential for even bigger growth. Host Edgar Elzerman discusses how Russian retailers are working to redefine themselves and the opportunities that lie within this changing market with Jaap van Vreden, Sourcing and Procurement Director at Lenta, which has become one of Russia’s major retailers. Available in English only. Click here to download video.

American Foods That Europeans Love

There was a time when America’s “cuisine” was frowned upon. But thanks to the rising curiosity of Millennials, food junkies in Europe are opening a growing new market for hot dogs, pancakes and doughnuts. Join chef Berry Pronk as he samples some of the American-inspired private label products offered by European retailers to fill Millennials’ cravings. Available in English only. Click here to download video.