PLMA's New Product Expo

The New Product Expo is where hundreds of new and innovative products are showcased. News anchor Judith Kolenburg gives us a sneak peek at some of the trends you’ll see at this year’s New Product Expo. Plus, Pascal Kuipers highlights new ways to cater to sustainable shoppers, including use of the Eco-Score front-of-pack label. Available in English only. Click here to download video.

The Battle of Front-of-Pack Labels

From Nutri-Score to Eco-Score, front-of-pack labelling programs serve as nutritional and environmental guides for consumers. How can private label suppliers best prepare for the requirements? To find out, speaks with Sebastiaan Schreijen, senior analyst; and Cyrille Filott, global strategist for consumer foods, at international financial services provider Rabobank. Available in English only. Click here to download video.

Private Label Analysis in Europe 

What are the latest developments of private label and FMCG in Europe? Research firm Nielsen IQ analyzes countries and categories, and gives an outlook for the years ahead. For more details on the latest private label data, go to Available in English only, Click here to download video.