Emerging Regulations for Sustainable Packaging

Governments and businesses have made sustainable packaging a priority. Target dates are being set on both the national and EU level. Judith Kolenburg reports on the impact of the EU legislation’s revision on Packaging and Packaging Waste. Kolenburg also highlights some of the retailer and manufacturer initiatives to reduce packaging waste. Plus, Joop Elderhorst provides an update on the cooking at home trend, which was spurred during the pandemic. His report explains how retailers are responding to the challenge. Available in English only. Click here to download video.

What is Organizational Culture and Why is it Important?

Business culture - the shared values among employees within a company- is a key part of a successful private label strategy. That’s because the values that employees practice throughout the private label supply chain have a big impact on innovation and product development. Fernando Lanzer, a Leadership and Organizational Culture business consultant, speaks about cross-cultural management, leadership, and organization development in the private label industry. Click here for the full interview. Available in English only.
Click here to download video.

Discounters Gain Market Share in Europe

At a time of declining disposable income, Europeans are shopping more often at discount stores. In some countries, discounters lead the grocery retail ranking. Judith Kolenburg provides an analysis of the discount retail market, including the strength of private label. Meanwhile, the New Year means new health and wellness goals. Fibre is among the nutrients getting attention. Hans Kraak examines what retailers are doing to boost fibre consumption. Lidl’s “fibre meter” on packaged bread is among the initiatives explored. Available in English only. Click here to download video.